The Berson Award

The Senior Psychiatrist Berson Award is given annually to a Senior Psychiatrist member who has contributed significantly to Psychiatry. The Award was made possible by a generous grant in 1993 by Harold Berson, M.D. and consists of an honorarium of $1000 and an inscribed plaque, and is presented each year at the Senior Psychiatrist Annual Meeting that is held in conjunction with the APA’s Annual Meeting. The Senior Psychiatrist Award Committee is soliciting suggestions from the Senior Psychiatrist membership at large for names of deserving candidates who should be considered for the Award. The definition of “significant” contribution(s) to Psychiatry is a broad one, and may consist of scientific or service contributions to the profession, the APA or the Senior Psychiatrist organization. The candidate must be a an APA Fellow or Life Fellow. Suggestions must also be accompanied by reasons supporting the recommendation.

Other recent awardees have included Jack Bonner, Stephen Scheiber, Sheila Hafter Gray, Jack McIntyre, Joseph English, Roger Peele, Jack Bonner, Paul Wick, Dilip and Jeste.

Award Nominations are now open for the 2021 Berson Award

Email nominations to:

Past Recipients:

2020 Berson Award Recipient - Aaron T. Beck, MD

2018 Berson Award Recipient - Herb Pardes

2017 Berson Award Recipient - Steven Sharfstein, MD

2016 Berson Award Recipient - Nada Stotland, MD

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