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Senior Psychiatrists, Inc., founded in 2012, is an outgrowth of the American Psychiatric Association (APA) "Lifers." Prior to 2012, the “Lifers were managed by the APA Foundation. Today, the Senior Psychistrists, Inc. is an “Allied Organization” to APA and has representation in the APA Assembly.

Membership in the Senior Psychiatrists, Inc. is open to any member of the American Psychiatric Association who is a Life Member, Life Fellow, or Life Distinguished Fellow. There are potentially approximately 8,000 members of APA who have Life status, and this represents about 20% of the APA membership. The organization is now poised for growth and has put the infrastructure in place to reach out it expanding potential membership base. For more information, see our About Us page.

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Meet Our Donors

Jack Bonner, MD

Stephen C. Scheiber, MD

Eleanor Lavretsky MD

Pierre Loebel, MD

Stephen Scheiber, MD

Steve Sharfstein, MD

Shreekumar Vinekar, MD

Morris Chalick, MD

Norman Clemens, MD

Benjamin Crocker, MD

Sheila Hafter Gray, MD

Alan Levenson, MD

Laurence Miller, MD

Joseph Silverman, MD

Captane Thomson, MD

Michael Vergare, MD

Garry Vickar, M

Special Thanks to All of our Donors!

Donor Levels

Senior Psychiatrists appreciate donations of any amount. As the organization is a 501(3), all donations are fully tax deductible. We offer special recognition for donors at the $100 level and up. 

$100  - $249 - Friend

$250-  $499  -- Supporter

$500 -$999 -- Patron

$1000 and up - Benefactor

Donors will be listed on the website, on annual meeting events signage and in the APA 2019 Senior Psychiatrists informational brochure, 

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What’s new

In Memoriam: Irvin Cohen  - Click here to view

APA List of Presenters - Click here to view

Senior Psychiatrist Supplement

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2019 Signature Sponsor- PRMS!

Senior Psychiatrists is proud to have PRMS once again as their Signature Sponsor for 2019. Pictured is Senior Psychiatrists President Dr. Jack McIntyre with PRMS CEO Stephen Sills at our 2016 reception in Atlanta.

2018 Berson Award Recipient Announced!

Herb Pardes, MD (pictured right) is the recipient of the 2018 Berson Award. Click here to read his introduction at the APA Annual Meeting.

Senior Psychiatrist Leaders receive 50 Year Member Recognition from APA

Captane Thomson, MD, 2018-2019, Senior Psychiatrist Treasurer

Maria Lymberis, MD, 2018-2019, Senior Psychiatrist Secretary
Jack Bonner, MD, 2017-2018 Senior Psychiatrist, President and Assembly Delegate; 2018-2019 - Senior Psychiatrist Past President and Assembly Delegate

PRMS Blog Focuses on Senior Psychiatrists

Please check out this terrific article about the Senior Psychiatrists provided by PRMS. If you have not already registered as a member, now is a great time to join. Membership is free. http://www.program-central.com/2017/08/15/now-is-the-perfect-time-to-join-senior-psychiatrists/#.WZY-kpOGNE6


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