In Memoriam
Irvin Cohen



We are saddened to report the death of our colleague, Irvin Cohen, MD.


Comments from Jack McIntyre, MD, President Senior Psychiatrists

Irv Cohen was a great psychiatrist, a warm and generous person and a dear friend.  Irv was Speaker of the Assembly when I was Speaker-elect and we were together at many meetings over the years.  Irv was a connoisseur of duck and he had identified restaurants that had what he considered to be outstanding duck plates and we visited them regularly!  Irv loved the Assembly and the APA and it showed.

He was humble man and didn't talk about it much, but he was a clinical innovator in psychopharmacology.  He was an early user of chlorpromazine and one of first to use lithium in this country.  He was Chair of the APA Task Force on Lithium and later served on the Council on Research.

Irv had a great sense of humor and an infectious laugh.  He was also very supportive of younger colleagues.

We will miss Irv but are grateful for all his contributions and the chance to have spent time with a truly fine person.


Comments from Stephen Scheiber, MD

Irv Cohen was longstanding and respected member of the Lifers and preceded me as chair of the awards committee.  Due to restricted mobility he did not attend APA meetings over the last decade, but retained an active interest in the ongoing activities of the Senior Psychiatrists. He served as an officer of the Lifers and was one of several lifers who retained a close link with the APA Assembly where he was well known for his leadership in the Assembly. I admired him as one of my mentors in my capacity as chair of the awards committee in addition to other activities that we shared.  In addition to his work in organized psychiatry, he was an outstanding clinician and academician.  When one of my patients moved from the Chicago area to Houston, he not only accepted the transfer of care but also kept me informed of the progress that this patient made. He was a great supporter of the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology and I was so grateful to him for the work that he did for the Board as an examiner.

He was a very caring, warm man who always took time to talk to you about a range of subjects. Throughout the decades that I have known him, he was always interested in what advanced the profession of psychiatry.

I will sorely miss the phone calls which we had on a regular basis since I joined the Lifers. Moreover, I will miss him dearly as a friend and colleague.



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