Welcome Senior Psychiatrists!

The lifers of APA as an organization was formed some years ago after the APA developed the membership categories of Life Member, Life Fellow and Distinguished Life Fellow. Membership in the Lifers has been open to all APA members in those categories. Officers, an executive committee and an active committee structure has led this organization. We have been proud of our accomplishments of an excellent newsletter, Lifers’ Line, sponsored workshops at the annual meeting and IPS, an Assembly Caucus, recorded interviews, awarding the Berson Award, and mentoring efforts. The Lifers have received capable administrative staff support from the Foundation which has enabled us to function smoothly over the years.

The Executive Committee and I encourage all Life Members, Life Fellows and Distinguished Life Fellows to join and contribute your views to this “old” but “new” organization which represents over 7,000 psychiatrists who have reached this stage in their professional career.

If attending the APA Annual Meeting in New York, please join us for our Annual Business Meeting and the reception, both on May 3-7, 2014. Please join and support the Senior Psychiatrists. The future of the Senior Psychiatrists is in your hands.


Interviews with APA Senior Psychiatrists: evolution
For several years I have conducted face to face interviews at first with members of the American Association of Geriatric Psychiatry (including with a Past President of the AAGP who is also the immediate Past President of the APA, Dr. Dilip Jeste) and more recently with members of The Lifers, currently the American Psychiatric Association¬† Senior Psychiatrists Group. See more…